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“Tuck-pointing,” sometimes referred to as “repointing” is the removal and replacement of mortar that has deteriorated over time. Mortar is often the victim of all the stress and strains of changing weather conditions, including sunlight, snow, wind, driving rain and frost. Mortar plays a crucial role in protecting the brickwork. Over time mortar breaks down leaving the bricks in your wall without the structural stabilization they need. This allows water to enter your home which leads to damage both inside and outside of the home.


Features and Benefits

  • WeatherproofingBy tuck-pointing your brickwork you are removing the decaying mortar joints, thus ensuring the weatherproofing of your exterior and interior walls.
  • Aesthetic ValueWhen your home is tuck-pointed the crumbling mortar in the brick joints are replaced and you will be restoring the overall appearance of your brickwork and thus, your home or office.
  • Value – By tuck-pointing your brickwork you can maintain, or in many cases, increase the value of your home or office.
  • MaintenanceTuck-pointing will reduce, or even eliminate ongoing maintenance on your brickwork without needing to remove or replace the brick.
  • StructuralWhen the grout is allowed to deteriorate, the structural stability of the brick wall will also deteriorate. By removing the decaying mortar joints and replacing them with fresh mortar you increase the structural integrity of the wall and as such, your home or office.