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Support Systems

A footing is the first building element that contacts the earth or soil that bares the weight of the home.

When there is a footing failure, the remaining elements of a home are jeopardized. Most footing failures are caused by differential movement, soil settlement, water erosion, lack of concrete reinforcement, undersized or improperly constructed, not placed on compacted soil, lack of psi, and/or inferior concrete. The first sign that your home has a broken footer is often vertical, stair-step cracks, or displacement in foundation walls constructed of brick or concrete blocks. Other signs are brick pulling away from the home, leaning or tilting chimneys, cracks forming around the doors or windows, jamming or sticking doors or windows, cracks in a concrete slab floor, cracks forming in drywall surfaces. These foundation movement cracks, if unattended, will continue to widen allowing water intrusion and may cause stress and damage to your utility connections.

We repair your home’s broken footer with a variety of stabilization methods. The method we use is dependent upon the root cause of the break. Our methods may include the support footer (steel/concrete mending and/or bracing), helical piers, push piers or support system.

Features and Benefits

  • ValueBy halting the destructive effects of differential movement and stabilizing your home’s broken footer you can maintain, or in many cases, increase the value of your home or office.
  • MaintenanceOnce you have stabilized the broken footer you will minimize or even eliminate any future damage to your home without removing and/or replacing the existing damaged wall(s).
  • StructuralAs the footer continues to move the damage will worsen and the wall will lose its structural stability. The wall’s lack of a solid footer means that the wall loses its ability to support any floors or your home’s masonry facade. By stabilizing the broken footer with any one of our methods you increase the structural integrity of your foundation and your home.