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Core Fills

At Seiber Restoration we are your expert for cracked and bowing foundational walls.

Finding a cracked or bowing wall can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. So, when you are faced with these types of problems we want you to know that you do have several options.

You can contact us, or one of our franchise competitors.

The majority of the franchise foundation companies in our community offer their clients a carbon fiber solution. This is where their technicians use an epoxy to affix a carbon fiber strip to the cracked or bowing wall. We are NOT one of these companies.

For two decades in the Greater Knoxville area, we have specialized in “core-filling” our clients cracked and bowing foundational walls. We do this by making a two inch hole at the top of each cell of your cinder block wall. We then pump pressurized grout into each of the cells of your block wall allowing the concrete to fill up the entire wall. To core-fill a client’s wall we use a specially formulated grout that is designed to withstand 4,000 pounds per square inch. This is the same type of concrete that is used to construct our interstate bridges and overpasses, and it is more than strong enough to permanently stabilize your cracked or bowing foundation wall.

However, if our diagnostics reveal that your situation calls for it, we can also reinforce those walls with rebar, prior to core-filling them. This may be necessary for added security. We can then paint, stucco or finish those walls to ensure, not only the long term security and stability, but the long term beauty as well.

So, give us a call today and let one of our licensed general contractors’ show you what Seiber Restoration and our foundation professionals can do for you and your home.